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“Two Countries, No Home” on New York Times Op-Docs

Posted in - Latest Work on July 17th 2014 0 Comments

Our short documentary “Two Countries, No Home” has just been published as an Op-Doc in The New York Times. The documentary is about about a young Dreamer who, rather than struggling for the right to stay in the US, made the courageous decision to return to the indigenous community in Chiapas, Mexico where he was born. After graduating from high school in Georgia and hoping to attend college, he found all the doors closing in front of him because of his immigration status.  He thought that he could better pursue those opportunities in Mexico, where he is a citizen.  After four years – during which time many of his friends in the US have attended and finished college – he finds that he still faces not only substantial culture shock, but also just as many obstacles to pursuing his dreams in Mexico as he did in the US.  Indeed, he has discovered the sad truth that he belongs neither here nor there.

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